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Verify your mobile phone number 3. Add your grandparents or elder relatives as contacts so you are aware of their security at all times. They will receive a link to download the app on their mobile phone.

How To Track a Phone Number: The Definitive Guide

Your relatives will have to accept to share their location with you. Without their acceptance, Safe will not let you know the location of any of your contacts. You can now start to take care, help and protect your family with the GPS family mobile locator from Safe Formerly known as "Alpify", an application to find and help alpinists in the mountains, Safe will notify you if it can't locate your elder relatives, or any other family members immediately with a security notification.

In addition, with Safe you can also get to know the mobile phone status of your family and their exact location with the help of our GPS tracker and locator. What does Safe offer you?

How To Track A Phone Number Location !!!

Safe allows you to know the location of your family members in real time, provided they have agreed to share their location with you, and have previously installed Safe on their mobile phone. As you share location in real time, Safe will send you security notifications every time a relative enters or leaves in one of its usual locations.

From now on, you will be able to take care of your elderly relatives anytime, anywhere with the help of our GPS locator and tracker. This way, they will receive a notification from you telling them to charge the mobile phone. These warnings can be enabled or disabled.

Both you and your family and relatives can select and modify whenever you want the type of location to share, and even disable it. Track your relatives location always securely with our GPS locator.

Tracking With Third-Party Android Apps

When pressed, it puts you in contact with emergency services, and sends your exact location to them, as long as you are in Spain or Andorra. For other countries, the emergency or panic button does NOT automatically dial , but Safe sends an emergency alert to the family, letting them know that their relative needs help. Time to update! We have new features! With this new function, you will be much less worried in your day-to-day: - Check that your relatives are well, thanks to the motion sensor. This is a really good app to locate family and friends.

FAQs about using Xnspy for location tracking

The plus side it gives pretty specific locations and I like that it tells how much battery power your loved ones have left. It will send an alert for them to charge their phone. Overall satisfied. I love this sooo much! Some are a bit complicated and some are known to be effective.


So, let's analyse the very common ways and see if they can really track mobile location without GPS. Not likely! These methods are very effective and well-known at the same time. Unfortunately, they are not able to track your mobile device if the GPS is turned off. A few dedicated users may disagree with us, but this tiny bit of important information was found on their respective websites. A lot of users ask, "Can you track a cell phone with GPS turned off with an online phone number tracker?

Fortunately, the answer is "Yes" but it is not as effective. As using the phone number you won't be able to track the real-time location of the target device. Moreover, most of these online services don't work as they advertised, and there are a lot of fraud issues. So, the proper and the most effective way to locate phone without GPS is via professional 3rd party programs.

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The app we are going to discuss here is called KidsGuard Pro and here's why it is so effective:. Firstly, KidsGuard Pro offers 2 effective ways for location tracking. It can still work even if the GPS is shut off.

  1. Phone Location Tracker App.
  2. mobile company tracker!
  3. Turn cell phone into GPS Tracker.

So, if the device is connected to the Wi-Fi, KidsGuard Pro is capable of using cell tower triangulation to provide the pretty accurate address, which is very effective to track phone without GPS. Secondly, when it comes to GPS tracking, the location data gets updated every few minutes. So, the app will definitely show the last known location of the device if it gets switched off.

Beside, this previous location history is of great importance here as it will help the users to see the movement and therefore track down the location of the device. If you already have the app installed, you can simply go to the web portal and tap on Locations option to find the device location there on the map.

For those who haven't installed KidsGuard Pro yet, we also suggest to try it as it works effectively to track someone's cell phone location. The download and install steps are given below:. You have to type your valid email ID and other necessary detail. Try It Now View Demo. Step 2: After completing the registration, get hold of the target device and download KidsGuard Pro Assistant.


Step 3: Then tap on the downloaded APK file and initiate the setup. Follow the instruction on the screen and complete it. Step 4: Upon completing the installation, go to the web portal of KidsGuard Pro. You can select Locations option to get the location of the device and also the location history. KidsGuard Pro is an excellent tracker but as you can see, you have to take the preparations beforehand.

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