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BlurSPY cellphone spy app makes it possible. Yes, it is the solution to all of your bullying, trolling and harassment problems. It is the ultimate parental control app for parents as well as the perfect android tracker for corporate level organizations. Packed with a bundle of advanced and essential features like message tracker, GPS location tracking, Track social media , locating kids and teens, website history tracking, blocking illicit content, tracking multimedia, and many other features make it the true savior in the modern-day world.

It is not possible for any parents to find out what their kids are doing online. It is a fact that most of the children nowadays have smartphones. When they are connected to the internet, they cannot stop using social media and dating sites. They also access adult and porn content.

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Kids have every opportunity these days to view the content and material of their choice. Parents can never stop their kids from using the internet and accessing websites of their choice.

Free GPS Tracker

It does not even work if the parents are very caring and loving. Even innocent kids make this mistake. So what is the solution then? The fix to all these problems is BlurSPY phone spy app. Yes, the parents need an ultimate and a perfect parental control tool which allows them to monitor and track their kids all the time around.

Remote tracking also becomes mandatory in such cases. BlurSPY will let the parents save their children from social media dangers and monitor their internet and social media use. It is the best app for offline tracking as well. Online activities like social media use, internet history, list of apps and such other stuff can be tracked. Apart from this, Cell phone surveillance also tracks live locations, text messages, monitors calls, checks multimedia, captures the screen of the device, bugs mic as well as camera, tracks passwords and pattern locks and whatnot.

BlurSPY is a complete package for a family. Everyone within the family will remain under control of this wonderful and advanced android tracking app. According to the laws, the use of parental control apps is legal in every case. However, the parents have to ensure transparency in this regard. Coming to BlurSPY, it is safe to use for tracking and monitoring kids.

Parents should use it within the limits. By signing up, I hereby agree to the Privacy Policy. There are multiple scenarios where you might need to track someone. You might want to protect the target, keep tabs on their activities, or simple look after your personal interests. With Cocospy, you can do it remotely and discreetly.

Secretly Track and Spy Any Mobile Number With Exact Location Using Your Device Itself 2017

Parents can keep their kids safe with location tracking. Sometimes kids wander to places where they shouldn't.

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Occasionally, they may even skip school and play truant. By keeping tabs on their location, you can look out for them. If you're an employer, you could monitor your employee's locations via their work phones.

If someone takes an off day claiming to be sick but their phone tracker shows they're at a nearby beach, you know they lied to you! You can also use Cocospy's Location Tracker as a missing phone finder.

There are multiple other legitimate uses for location tracking like setting up Geofence alerts. You'll need a Cocospy account and a subscription to make use of the Location Tracker.

Know you track cell phone location using XySpy

Once you have Cocospy set up to work with the target device, log in to your account and find the Location option in the selection panel on the left. The Location windows shows you a map with the targets recent movements pinned on it. But if all you need is to know where the target user at any instant, you are going to love Spyic. It works like a ninja that is always keeping an eye on the person without their knowledge. Spyic is also a web-based service.

It does not require you to root or jailbreak the target phone. However, it truly holds the claim of tracking a cell phone location with the number of the cell phone. This is due to its reverse phone lookup feature. With Spokeo, you can enter the number of the target phone and it will give you the address of the device, along with the last known addresses. This is a unique feature that the other entries on this list lack.

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However, the usefulness of this feature is up for debate. There are very few who would pick it over apps like Cocospy or Spyic.

Part 2: Kids Place

Life is an application for Android and iOS that allows location sharing between family and friends. With Life, you can create groups and add your family members or friends in the group.

Start Monitoring In Just 3 Steps With BlurSPY

They will get constant updates about your live location. Further, it also allows you to chat with the members on the location page. Further, if you are using Life, you cannot do it in stealth mode. The target user will always know. Glympse is a simple and minimalistic app. The basic idea of the app is to share the location with someone or request their location to you. And it works as easy as pie.

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