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Scroll across to view all of the images from the burst. Remember, burst mode is one of the best iPhone camera settings you can use for photographing moving subjects. The long exposure feature lets you create a slow shutter effect. This makes any movement appear as motion blur.

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You can use this setting to create a stunning veiling effect on waterfalls and rivers. Or use it to capture dramatic light trails at night. Swipe across the effects and select Long Exposure. Any movement in your Live Photo will appear as motion blur, while stationary objects remain sharp. If you change your mind, you can remove the long exposure effect by selecting Live in the Effects section.

Click here to download this free report. Do you want to know how to blur background on iPhone camera? Open the Camera app, then select P ortrait at the bottom of the screen. Ensure your subject is between two and eight feet from the camera. When you take the photo, your subject will appear sharp against a beautifully blurred background. If so, you can change the strength of the background blur… after taking your shot.

To remove the blur, open the photo and tap Edit. Then tap Portrait at the top of the screen. To switch the blur back on, tap Portrait again. As you can see, Portrait mode is a fantastic photography tool for creating beautiful background blur. But you can use it blur the background behind any kind of subject. HDR lets you capture more color and detail in both the dark and bright areas of your photo. In the photo below you can see the foreground is correctly exposed.


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But the sky has over-exposed areas that are far too bright. Using HDR lets you create a more balanced exposure with detail in both the dark and bright areas. The next photo shows the same scene taken with the HDR setting switched on. Also, ensure Keep Normal Photo is switched on.

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When you press the shutter, the camera actually takes several photos at different exposures from bright to dark. It then combines these different exposures into a single photo with good exposure throughout.

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It sounds complicated… but remember, the camera does all this behind the scenes. All you have to do is switch on HDR and shoot! Using the volume buttons means you can hold your phone steady with both hands while pressing the button with your index finger. This makes your iPhone feel more like a traditional camera. The one downside of this method is that you have to press the volume button quite hard.

This might cause your phone to move, resulting in a blurry photo. So make sure you hold your iPhone really steady. Another little-known iPhone photography trick is to use your Apple headphones as a shutter release. Connect them to your phone, then use either of the volume buttons on the headphones to take a photo. You can also use your headphones as a remote shutter release when shooting with an iPhone tripod. Even with a tripod, pressing the shutter button on the iPhone screen can cause camera shake. But with your headphones, you can take a photo without having to touch the phone at all.

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  • In the Photos app, you can search for images based on location. And you can even view your photos on a map. Ensure Location Services is on green. Then ensure the Camera option is set to While Using.

    No, honestly... it's important... isn't it?

    When you open a picture in the Photos app, the name of the place it was taken appears at the top of the screen. Swipe up on the photo to view a map of that location. Note that the location will only be shown if Location Services was enabled when you took the photo. To find photos you took at a particular location, tap the Search icon magnifying glass at the bottom of the Photos app. Type the place name into the Search box at the top of the screen. Open the Places album and ensure Map is selected at the top of the screen.

    Pinch to zoom in or out on the map.

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    Tap on a set of photos to see more images from that location. Free Video Reveals Then simply swipe left across the lock screen to open the Camera app.

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    So how do you set focus and exposure in the Camera app? To unlock focus and exposure, tap anywhere on the camera screen. This is a shame because iOS 13 hides many great secret features. Here are 25 of the best hiding beneath the surface. Selling a case and a spare battery ticks that box nicely. I can confirm that there are references to three new Smart Battery Case models that can be found inside iOS More at 9to5Mac. Can Apple improve on the current ugly Smart Battery Case design? It's likely that Apple will drop the inch display into the same chassis as the So, consumers will essentially be getting the same Apple may end-of-life the The current More on the new MacBook Pro machine here.

    But what apps are suitable for Dark Mode? The simply titled darkmode. Apple Loop brings you seven days worth of highlights every weekend here on Forbes. I talked about the power of the cosmetic update earlier this week :. The recently launched iPhone 11 family are building on the three year old design that debuted with the iPhone X in Samuel Axon goes in depth to review iOS 13 , but first, the compatibility chart:.

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